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TREE Services

Tree Removals

We love trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed. Tree removal, while appearing straight forward and simple, is a highly technical and complex task that requires the services of trained and qualified professionals.  Boss Tree Services can remove a tree efficiently and safely, no matter the size or the location.  

Benefits of Tree Pruning

– Improves the health of the tree

– Improved safety  for people and property

– Removes broken and dead branches

– Visual and aesthetic enhancements

– Protects property from damage

– Removes interference for vehicles and pedestrians

– Restores mature trees

– Assists in development of young trees

Pruning for health and safety means removing dead or diseased branches and limbs of trees to improve the health of the tree’s canopy.   It also prevents decay and disease within the tree’s root and branch systems and opens up the tree’s canopy to allow additional air and sunlight.  Correct pruning by qualified professionals is essential to keep your trees healthy, strong and structurally sound for years to come.

Stump grinding

Removing the root ball can be very costly but we have a less expensive solution for you. If after removing the tree, the roots don't bother you we can cut the stump to its lowest point and then grind it well beyond a visible view. Afterward, you can either cover using dirt or any filling of your liking.  This has been a great way to save money and labour for our customers.


Tree Reports

Tree Audits

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